Service You Can Trust

Your samples are processed in the same labs used by primary care providers and hospitals.
Enzo Clinical Labs are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited.

Private and Confidential

Obtain your test results through a secure patient portal.


  • Confidential lab testing
  • Skip the visit to a Doctor
  • Over 30 convenient locations to get tested
  • Sample collected by trained healthcare staff
No Need to Visit the Doctor’s Office


GoTestMeNow™ allows you to request and pay for routine lab tests online. An independent physician will review your test requests and no in-person doctor’s visit is required. If the physician decides to order your test, stop by one of our conveniently located Patient Service Centers and a member of our trained staff will collect your sample. Your easy-to-read lab results will be sent directly to your secure GoTestMeNow™ account.

An independent licensed physician will contact you directly if your results require prompt attention.

For more information see FAQs about PWNhealth.


Enzo is one of the leading regional full service clinical laboratories in New York. Dedicated to serving our community Enzo ensures your test results are meeting and exceeding industry standards as a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory licensed by the NYS Department of Health.

GoTestMeNow™ provides you with quick convenient lab testing overseen by licensed physicians.

A Service You Can Trust


We have over 30 convenient locations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Purchase tests directly from GoTestMeNow™, and then find an Enzo Clinical Labs Patient Service Center
or pop-up site for specimen collection.

COVID-19 testing

Disclaimer: Skip the waiting room at your doctor office.
You may be required to wait in a waiting room prior to having a specimen collected for antibody testing, depending on caseloads at out Patient Service Centers.


PWNHealth is an independent licensed physician network that provides physician services to you in connection with Enzo Clinical Labs. PWNHealth services include clinical oversight of laboratory testing, including physician evaluation of test requests, ordering tests (if appropriate), consults, education sessions, review of test results, and administrative services. These services are independent from the lab testing centers and from Enzo Clinical Labs.

Enzo is working with PWNHealth LLC and its affiliated professional entities (collectively, PWN) to provide independent physician services to you in connection with GoTestMeNow™. PWN services include physician oversight of all tests based upon the information that you share and evaluating results once available. If one or more of your results indicates that you need prompt attention, or is a positive sexually transmitted disease (STD) or HIV result, you will receive a call directly from the PWN team. All of your results will be available on your GoTestMeNow™ account. You will see the amount of fees Enzo is collecting from you on behalf of PWN for their services to you.

PWNHealth provides clinical oversight and care coordination (including independent physician review of test orders) for lab testing programs nationwide. PWNHealth physicians use technology-assisted protocols to facilitate triage, evaluation, patient education and post-test telehealth consults to ensure patients proceed along the appropriate care pathway in a clinically sound manner.

No. PWNHealth is not a reseller or direct distributor of lab testing.

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